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Welcome to, India’s leading and unique deals website that offers Great (Maha in Sanskrit) Deals that Matter. If you are tired of hackneyed spa deals and electronic gizmo offers, experience here enriching, refreshing and truly life style enhancing deals near you. We have very special categories such as Brain Sharpener, Be Yourself, Healthcare, Education, Green Products and Servies. You are cordially invited to explore new dimensions in your life…
Sharpen Your Brain:
For children and adults alike, Brain Sharpener category has deals to build skills and capabilities in cognitive abilities, quantitative skills, critical thinking, and memory. It also has deals to expose kids to new experiences such as farming and solar energy. Many of the deals help your kids in developing interest in science, mathematics and engineering. These skills help kids in preparing for the competitive world outside. You can also enjoy new hobbies such as bird photography and calligraphy. Be sure check out our Education category for more deals to learn new things. Please keep checking for new experiences and deals …
Inner Beauty:
For the young and old, we have deals to improve your lifestyle and lead a healthy life. We have a variety of yoga asan practices for men, women and children. To reduce weight there are proven methods with great deals. For relaxation from daily stress, we have authentic ayurvedic massages, and reflexology. To improve your beauty, you will find many skin treatment and dental treatment deals.
New Skills:
Continue to learn new skills and subjects for your professional and personal development. We bring deals in many areas ranging from computer training in highly specialized subjects such as cloud computing to fun classes such as drawing cartoons. Learn to improve your English speaking skills and open new doors for your career growth. Check out our Brain Sharpener category to improve your critical thinking, cognitive and quantitative skills as well. We keep updating this section with new subjects, so keep coming back. Please feel free to contact us if you have specific interests and we will find deals for you!
Live Life:
Enjoy the good times in your own way just by pampering yourself or with others. Get a caricature or a professional photography of yourself. Get an adrenalin rush and nejoy experiences such as scuba diving, paragliding and white water rafting.
Green Living:
Be Green and protect Earth by using eco friendly products and services. We have made it easy for you to find the best deals and ideas to reduce your carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources such as solar electricity, solar water heaters, bio gas plants. Find unique organic products that also improve your health, so that others will be green with envy about you!
For your routine service needs such as pest control, car washing, or house repairs find local companies and handymen. These services are handpicked based on our experiences and customer reviews for quality service at affordable prices.
Apparel: Find wonderful natural fabrics like Cotton, Khadi, pure silk and pure wool apparel. Give yourself an uplift. Support the nature and get engrossed into a wonderful comfortable cozy feel.

Here you can leave your personal details and indicate what type of deals you are looking. we will get back to you with exactly what you are looking out for. Or if you prefer you can also call 9970319054.


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