We are sure that you have visited other eCommerce or deals sites, prior to coming here at MahaDeal.in. Most of the other sites are selling things based on your low confidence. They are rather decreasiing your confidence as the need for materialist things is unending and you won't get fulfilment.


Here at MahaDeal.in, we are intending to bring the best in you, mostly internally; this will give you a great fulfilment for doing the right thing for yourself and for the society at large. This builds the real confidence and does not require just external things to make you feel good and content.

MahaDeal.in primarily brings deals that are socially responsible and create a major long term impact on society.


After analyzing eCommerce and Deals sites landscape in India, MahaDeal.in was founded as many leading dealsites were not as much focused on the deals that matter to humanity with long-term positive impact.

MahaDeal.in is an IT/eCommerce solution to bring deals in the area of eco-friendly products, ayurvedic or natural living products, education and travel to be with nature and many eco-friendly value add services.


MahaDeal.in is able to bring the great deals in the above areas due to its founders' passion for the same and existing numerous industry tie-ups.


MahaDeal.in provides variety of deals, which includes limited quantity, group purchase, eCommerce or normal voucher type deals.


Due to MahaDeal.in, all the stakeholders get the winning cost-effective solutions for the things that matter to them.


To understand how MahaDeal.in works, go to “How It Works” page.